All Nice and Tidy

Act V is a whirlwind of resolved plotlines that wasn’t so much satisfying as kind of irritating. Silvia makes her escape into the great, dark woods only to encounter every other character from the play and secure a happy ending for herself and all her friends. The whole thing was just too convenient and, I…

Proteus is not fooling anyone

We begin Act IV in the woods between Milan and Verona. Valentine and his trusty man Speed are waylaid by a group of outlaws. Valentine tells the would-be robbers that he has no money because he was exiled by the Duke of Milan. When asked what his crime was, instead of telling them it was…

Fickle Proteus

I will say this for ol’ Bill, his stories move fast. We go from a very simple setup in Act I to a fairly complicated plot in Act II. Valentine is revealed to be just as susceptible to love as the friend he derided at the start of the play. Proteus is proven to be…


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