It ends with a wedding (sort of)

The final act of Henry VI Part One begins in London, with Henry receiving messages from the Pope and other powerful figures around Europe to end the violence with France. Gloucester brings up the idea of a tactical marriage with the daughter of the Earl of Armangac in an effort to strengthen his ties toContinue reading “It ends with a wedding (sort of)”

How many years have passed?

Act III of Henry VI Part One begins in Parliament with Gloucester and the Bishop of Winchester bickering much as they did in the first act. Only now, Gloucester says that Winchester is his illegitimate uncle, the product of his grandfather’s indiscretion. Somerset seems to be sympathetic to Winchester and we know already that heContinue reading “How many years have passed?”

Swords ‘n’ Roses

Act II starts off with Orleans changing hands again when Talbot takes advantage of the French celebrating their victory and runs them off while half-naked. Charles, ever the chivalrous and beneficent Dauphin, immediately blames Joan for treachery. She in turn blames another nobleman and the finger-pointing goes on for a while before a soldier shoutingContinue reading “Swords ‘n’ Roses”