Ready for a few laughs

I have finally completed the cycle of plays that starts with Henry VI Part One and ends with Richard III. There was a lot of action, a lot of killing, and even a smattering of comedy, but for the most part the stories were pretty heavy. The Henry trilogy was fun but a bit ofContinue reading “Ready for a few laughs”

Despair and die!

Well, Richard III sure ended on a wild note. I expected everyone to die in the end, but perhaps that kind of ending doesn’t show up until later in Bill’s career. That’s not to say there wasn’t a lot happening in Act V, however. There was fighting, cowardice, treason, and ghosts! All packed into aContinue reading “Despair and die!”


Our boy Richard has found himself in a spot of trouble in Act IV. His friends are dropping like flies and he can now call himself a child murderer (meaning he killed a child, not that he was a child who murdered). Richard has been crowned now, so he is indeed the king, but heContinue reading “Watergate-upon-Thames”

Tricky Dick

Boy, Richard is a lot of fun to hate. Act III shows him making backroom deals and maneuvering so that not only does he have an open path to the throne, it seems like a grateful populace is pushing it on him. I’ve never really used the word “dastardly” before, but it seems appropriate toContinue reading “Tricky Dick”

England is getting another boy king

Richard remains busy as he attempts to consolidate power through murder and mayhem. He appears to have a friend in the Duke of Buckingham now, and for the life of me, I don’t know how anyone trusts him. As was specifically pointed out in this act, even the citizens in London don’t think he’s aContinue reading “England is getting another boy king”

Now is the winter of something or other

Starting Act I of Richard III felt like starting Shakespeare for real. I know the previous plays were just as much Shakespeare as this one, and in fact, this play is capping off the story begun with the Henry VI trilogy, but there was something about reading one of the most famous lines in EnglishContinue reading “Now is the winter of something or other”