Uncle Bill needs some confidence (Interlude #7)

Bill threw me for a loop with this selection of sonnets. He seems by turns unsure of himself and asks his friend at a couple of different points to give him the benefit of the doubt but then turns around and implies that he is the greatest of all time. This is a far cryContinue reading “Uncle Bill needs some confidence (Interlude #7)”

Bill the romantic (Interlude #6)

The current selection of sonnets takes a much more romantic turn than any of the previous poems. These seem much more like the sonnets I was imagining before starting this journey: romantic, adoring, inspiring, and totally cheesy. Sonnet 26 – The speaker is telling his love that he is writing this poem to show hisContinue reading “Bill the romantic (Interlude #6)”

William Shakespeare’s biggest fan was… William Shakespeare (Interlude #5)

The selection of sonnets for this interlude have a very self-satisfied feel to them. They all seem to be a Shakespearean humblebrag in some form or another. Not that I blame the guy for flexing a bit since he is still kind of a big deal. However, it is hard for me to wholeheartedly agreeContinue reading “William Shakespeare’s biggest fan was… William Shakespeare (Interlude #5)”

Shakespeare the progressive (Interlude #4)

I am happy to report that Bill has moved on a bit from his preoccupation with procreation. Not completely, but at least he is testing out some new ideas. In fact, one of the sonnets this time had some fairly forward-thinking social ideas in it. At least the way I read it, but we willContinue reading “Shakespeare the progressive (Interlude #4)”

Have I ever talked to you about procreation? (Interlude #3)

I have to tell you, I was ready to give up on the sonnets this time around. Creepy Uncle Bill really only seems to have one thing on his mind: getting his pretty young friend to have some damn kids already. It was funny for five sonnets, uncomfortable for the next set of five, butContinue reading “Have I ever talked to you about procreation? (Interlude #3)”

If I haven’t made myself clear… (Interlude #2)

Creepy Uncle Bill certainly wants pretty people to have kids. In the first five sonnets, he made that abundantly clear. In this second set of five, he has moved on from simply telling his young listener he should have kids to coming up with metaphors that help support his assertion. He is really stuck onContinue reading “If I haven’t made myself clear… (Interlude #2)”

Creepy Uncle Bill (Interlude #1)

Like most modern Americans, I have only a passing acquaintance with poetry. I am most familiar with nursery rhymes and the work of Shel Silverstein from my childhood, but I have studied poetry in a more formal manner in both high school and college. I like poetry, particularly the focus on the sound of languageContinue reading “Creepy Uncle Bill (Interlude #1)”