I read The Comedy of Errors (so you wouldn’t have to)

Wow. I don’t know what to say beyond what’s already been said. The Comedy of Errors was an absolute mess. From the flat characters to the ridiculous setup then right down to all’s well that end’s well final act, I felt nothing so much as confused and irritated. When I began this project, I knewContinue reading “I read The Comedy of Errors (so you wouldn’t have to)”

That was disappointing

I cannot fully express to you how happy I am to be done with The Comedy of Errors. The plot was so confusing and the characters so flavorless that I didn’t find myself enjoying it at all. As I suspected, Act V was hurried mop-up of the plot, consisting of only one scene in whichContinue reading “That was disappointing”

Say what now?

Okay, I’m getting pretty fed up with The Comedy of Errors here. Act IV was pretty nuts and I don’t see any way to resolve the story that isn’t just a rushed mess at the end. This act saw everybody get angry with everybody else and both Antipholuses are in danger of going to debtor’sContinue reading “Say what now?”

Just open the door!

I knew chances would be slim that I would find The Comedy of Errors funny, but I did not realize how infuriating I would find it. These characters are so far up their own doublets that they can’t solve the most basic problems set before them. Problems such as why everyone is acting like theyContinue reading “Just open the door!”

It’s complicated

Ah, what a relief to move on from the War of the Roses to something a little more lighthearted. The Comedy of Errors is a play that I was wholly unfamiliar with before this reading and what I know so far is that it is really complicated. The first act is incredibly short, but thereContinue reading “It’s complicated”