Uncle Bill needs some confidence (Interlude #7)

Bill threw me for a loop with this selection of sonnets. He seems by turns unsure of himself and asks his friend at a couple of different points to give him the benefit of the doubt but then turns around and implies that he is the greatest of all time. This is a far cryContinue reading “Uncle Bill needs some confidence (Interlude #7)”

Bill the romantic (Interlude #6)

The current selection of sonnets takes a much more romantic turn than any of the previous poems. These seem much more like the sonnets I was imagining before starting this journey: romantic, adoring, inspiring, and totally cheesy. Sonnet 26 – The speaker is telling his love that he is writing this poem to show hisContinue reading “Bill the romantic (Interlude #6)”

William Shakespeare’s biggest fan was… William Shakespeare (Interlude #5)

The selection of sonnets for this interlude have a very self-satisfied feel to them. They all seem to be a Shakespearean humblebrag in some form or another. Not that I blame the guy for flexing a bit since he is still kind of a big deal. However, it is hard for me to wholeheartedly agreeContinue reading “William Shakespeare’s biggest fan was… William Shakespeare (Interlude #5)”

Shakespeare the progressive (Interlude #4)

I am happy to report that Bill has moved on a bit from his preoccupation with procreation. Not completely, but at least he is testing out some new ideas. In fact, one of the sonnets this time had some fairly forward-thinking social ideas in it. At least the way I read it, but we willContinue reading “Shakespeare the progressive (Interlude #4)”